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HOA Meeting Postponed

20 May 19
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Due to the threat of severe weather we have moved our HOA meeting scheduled for May 20, 2019 to Thursday, May 23rd at 7:00 pm. Stay safe!


30 Mar 16
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Most often cited covenant violations and complaints:

10 Mar 15
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  1. Help us continue to keep St. James Park a great place to live. Please remember to be respectful of your neighbors and neighborhood.
    • Here are some most often cited covenant violations and complaints.

      • 1. Storage buildings or additions not approved by the HOA architectural committee.

      • 2. Trash cans visible from the street.

      • 3. Commercial vehicles parked on property or street.

      • 4. Vehicles parked in streets on a habitual basis.

      • 5. Satellite dishes not installed behind fences.

      • 6. Satellite dishes are not larger than covenants allow.

      • 7. Yards not mowed regularly.

      • 8. All fence posts are required to be 0.95 thickness.

      • 9. Safety first, be aware of children playing in the neighborhood. Please drive the speed limit. 

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